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Poolside Cafe

It is a special pleasure to explore the Commune on foot, leisurely taking in the natural and architectural scenery. Located just in front of the second phase of villas the Poolside Café rests along the uphill mountain path framed with emerald greenery.

The quiet elegance of the Poolside Café greets guests with freshly ground coffee and fine cuisine. Whether it be a reunion of close friends, a bite with the family, or girlfriends meeting for a leisurely chat, here is a spot to enjoy the scenic beauty of the outdoors, reflect over memories past and imagine good times to come.

The Swimming Pool, just outside the Poolside Café, is 16 meters in length and 5.5 meters in width. Embraced by the mountains, this crystal clear oasis seduces visitors as a perfect locale to soothe the mind by alleviating fatigue and erasing stress.

Exquisite South East Asian style rattan chairs circle the swimming pool while parasols stretch open to provide an inviting shade. This little area provides the perfect pause from exercise and an opportune spot to relax and drink up the refreshing mountain air.

Operation period from May to Oct.


A private path onsite Commune by the Great Wall leads to a non-restored section of the epic Great Wall of China. Exploring this truly untouched piece of Chinese history still entrenched in the raw beauty of its original landscape intensifies the mystique of the Commune by the Great Wall experience.

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Commune by the Great Wall

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