Events & Conferences

Terrace Lounge

Open hour is 7:00-22:00 and accommodating up to 60 persons, the Terrace Lounge offers the perfect locale to enjoy a meal while taking in the scenic beauty of the Shuiguan mountains.

Courtyard Restaurant

The Courtyard Restaurant serves a variety of regional Chinese cuisines. With a capacity of 150 guests it can serve as a venue for a private dinner or function as a meeting hall. The restaurant has a bar and three discrete private rooms, each with a private garden en suite. The restaurant’s partitions can be dismantled to convert the space into a larger reception hall.

Poolside Cafe

The Pooside Cade can accommodate: Sit-Down Lunch/Dinner for a maximum of 100 guests; Cocktail Reception for a maximum of 150 guests.

Pink Bar

The Pink Bar offers domestic and foreign fine wines, champagnes and all kinds of classic cocktails. Alfresco service is also available.

Enquiries & Reservations

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Commune by the Great Wall

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Shuiguan G6 Jingzang Highway,